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Web-based databases, the staple of modern libraries

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18 Nov
Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo

This month people from different aspects of life celebrated, "Usability Day," under the theme, "Design of online world trust ethics and integrity."

The theme resonate with the functionality and aims of our social enterprise, Africa Online and Publications Library (AOPL).

In these transformation times, it is crucial to design and create systems that help communities with mutual goals stay connected.

Web based databases such as AOPL have become the staple in today's academic libraries.

Our website is usable, it is a key to ensuring user satisfaction. However, to ensure sustainable usability we are always open to suggestions from users so as to meet their needs.

As time goes on, we are going to consider distinctive groups that may exist in the AOPL library's population.

For queries, suggestions and inquiries do not hesitate to contact us via the administration inboxes or alternatively at


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