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Ngenge Ransom Tanyu
Ngenge Ransom Tanyu
Founder & Chair

Ngenge Ransom Tanyu is a third-year Ph.D. candidate studying Political Science and Public Administration at the Pedagogical University of Kraków. His Ph.D. research focuses on higher education policy orientation in Africa. He started Africa Online & Publications Library as part of the implementation of his Ph.D. research.

He received his M.A. in International Security Management from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, M.Phil. in Public Administration from the University of Bergen, and B.Sc. in Political Science with a Minor in History from the University of Buea.

He has worked in the humanitarian aid sector, cybersecurity and safety, academia, media, administration, and think tanks across Europe and Africa, and he believes that scientific research and policy analysis are critical to improving educational quality, fighting cybercrime, contributing to science and innovation, preventing and resolving conflict, and building long-term global peace and security.

Accountability and Perception of Effectiveness in Public Universities in Cameroon: Case of the University of Buea 

This research study provides an understanding of accountability and the perception of its effectiveness in public universities in Cameroon using the University of Buea as case-study. Through the principal-agent...

Challenges due to COVID-19 in Cameroon in "Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social, cultural, economic and political aspects"

Cameroon’s political, economic and social landscapes have been fundamentally altered by the emerging worldwide coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). This chapter examines the political, economic and social...